It is very quiet still 2

It is very quiet still 4It is very quiet at We Happen Things #1, Stockholm University of the Arts, 2015. Photo credit José Figueroa.

It is very quiet 1

It is very quiet 2It is very quiet at Footering Notes, Fylkingen, 2016. Photo credit Gethin Jones.

At Revolve closer, Uppsala Konstmuseum, 2019. Photo credit Pär Fredin.

It is very quiet, performance, 2015

It is very quiet is a performance that puts silence – the unsaid – as a discursive and performative act in the center of attention. It proposes that the audience confront their silence as a form of speech, and directs attention to how this acts within the situation of the performance in relation to power, resistance, agreement and authorship.

I asked the writers Caroline Taracci and Frida Sandström to document the performance. They wrote in dialogue with, and alongside, the performance:

Caroline Taracci FOTONEGATIV

Frida Sandström Do you support their forthcoming constitution