It is very quiet still 2

It is very quiet still 4It is very quiet at We Happen Things #1, Stockholm University of the Arts, 2015

It is very quiet 1

It is very quiet 2It is very quiet at Footering Notes, Fylkingen, 2016

At Revolve closer, Uppsala Konstmuseum, 2019

It is very quiet, performance, 2015

It is very quiet is a performance that puts silence – the unsaid – as a discursive and performative act in the center of attention. It proposes that the audience confront their silence as a form of speech, and directs attention to how this acts within the situation of the performance in relation to power, resistance, agreement and authorship.

I asked the writers Caroline Taracci and Frida Sandström to document the performance. They wrote in dialogue with, and alongside, the performance:

Caroline Taracci FOTONEGATIV

Frida Sandström Do you support their forthcoming constitution